Soulfire Healing Arts

Why Art Therapy?

Art therapy allows one to delve beneath the chattering mind and unconscious patterns that are limiting to relationships, self-esteem and health. With the help of a trained art therapist, one can deal with painful emotions, trauma, addiction or patterns that have limited them, in turn, creating a vision for healing these wounds. At the Soulfire studio there are many art materials to choose from and art technique support and direction to allow these images to take form.

Who is it for?

Art Therapy is for everyone! Anyone can create as it is an innate part of all of us. As adults, we are taught that creative expression is frivolous unless we can create museum quality art. Not a fact. Art Therapy can help treat addiction, anxiety, depression, bipolar, relationship issues, medical issues, grief/loss, and any other problems that are in need of deeper examination or attention. The actual act of creation is healing in itself.

"Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist." 

                                                                                         — Eileen Miller